5 Types BAD custom Moon Lamp Looks Like (not what I want to order)

The custom moon lamp is really cool, but if you’re careless in your purchase, you may also get a BAD moon lamp.

For example, when you receive it, you find that it’s  not what I want to order

Here you will know what a bad moonlight looks like, why it happens? and what to do to avoid it!

If you want to get beautiful custom moon lamp and avoid the bad ones, this article will help you.

Bad 1. Wrong position of image/text

(not in the position I want)​

Let’s look at an example where the text and picture are on the moon lamp.

A customer from US, John, reviews a customized moon lamp in October 3, 2019:

“I uploaded a picture, and customized my moon lamp so that the caption was actually on the picture. When I received the moon the caption was on one side of the globe and the picture was on the other side, which is not what I wanted.”

John wanted something like this: Text below the picture.

Here’s what John got it as this: Picture on the back, text on the Front

picture on the back, text on the front

Why is this happening?

I think there are 3 possible reasons for this.

No.1 Mistaking the position of the image/text as fixed and immutable

Let’s imagine that John came to the purchase page and saw the display picture of the custom moon lamp.

He liked it very much.

The image shows the text below the image.

When he uploads his text/photo to buy, he thinks the same as the customized picture: the text is below the photo

In fact.

The images on display are made according to the best design and the most convenient way to produce

When you have less text, the text is below the picture

When you have more words. The picture on one side, text on the other.

Because then the final customization looks better.

No.2 Missing location information, no description of location (don't care)

In some online stores, there is no description of the location on the product page.

They think you are clearly understood.

Or they don’t care that you have the idea of putting it in a different place.

They do it how they can facilitate production.

No.3 Does not support free text/image placement (poor technical skills)

They’re Fake Moon lamp suppliers, unprofessional.

Not able to freely change the position of the image/text as you wish

A brief summary of the reasons:

1. product description is not clear, customers do not know what the default picture/text position is.

2. Suppliers are unprofessional and cannot freely adjust the position

How to avoid it?

It is very important to choose a professional supplier.

Select them and you can adjust the position of the image/text as you like

You can even put the picture/text you want anywhere (0° – 360°) on the moon lamp.

Like this:

put the picture & text you want anywhere (0° - 360°) on the moon lamp

Here, I highly recommend getting a professional supplier.

What should I do when there is no location description?

In general, a good supplier has a clear text/image location show on his product page.

If not, you need to write down the location you need when you place your purchase order.

If necessary, you can also send them an email to confirm the location after you place your order.

One small point to note.

If it’s during peak sales season (like Christmas), responding to your email maybe slow.


If the product page doesn’t have a location description, close the page. Go to a store with a location image/text description to buy.

Bad 2. My picture was cropped out by a large margin

A customer from US, Abby, reviews a customized moon lamp in Jan3, 2020:

I was expecting mine to be similar to the other ones by the pictures in the reviews,but it wasn’t. The picture on mine looked like the edge was cut off and was only a couple inches wide where others look like the picture takes up a good portion of one side. The moon itself reminds me of a hard wiffel ball. I like the idea just didn’t like the result

Why is that?

There are several factors that can cause this situation.

No.1 The size of the chosen moon lamp was too small.

Moon lamp sizes lists:

Sizes Unit Contents
3.5 inch
Only text
4.0 inch
Only text
5.0 inch
6.0 inch
7.0 inch
8.0 inch
9.5 inch

If you choose a small moon lamp (e.g. 3.5, 4.0, 5.0 inch), the picture may not be engraved onto the moon lamp.

XXS 3.5 - XS 4.0 inch size moon lamp
S 5.0 - M 6.0 inch size moon lamp
L 7.0 - XL 8.0 inch size moon lamp



To ensure that the picture is clearly displayed on the moon lamp, the picture must be cropped.

Only then is it possible to show the person in the picture on the moon lamp.

How to avoid it?

Choose a larger, suitable size model, such as L, XL, XXL (7.0, 8.0, 9.5 inch)

If the size is XL, XXL (8, 9.5 inch), 100% of the pictures can be displayed on the moon lamp.


The larger the size, the clearer and more beautiful the effect.

No.2 The picture is bigger.

This is similar to 1.0 above

If your picture is too big, it needs to be cropped out of the background image.

So that the picture will appear more clearly on the moon lamp.

How to avoid it?

Choose the suitable size for the picture, and the right size of the moon lamp.

No.3 Your picture is too tall for the 'wide' effect

This may happen if you’re using a photo taken with the phone’s vertical screen


Moon is sphere, unfolded is flat rectangles

like this:

Moon is sphere, unfolded is flat rectangles

Detailed video with custom picture height:

Image height/width features: 

Height: Limited by the diameter of the moon lamp size

Width: Unlimited (freely)

How to avoid it?

Try to use horizontal pictures

Tips: Horizontal pictures are better than vertical pictures.

No.4 Unprofessional supplier ( poor technical skills )

This is the same as the last point of BAD1. An unprofessional supplier can’t do it without cutting.


It’s very difficult to carve large pictures on the moon lamp.

Because of poor technique, it takes 4-5 times for a moon lamp to succeed 1 lamp.

Each moon lamp takes at least 1 day (24 hours) or more.

That is, it takes 120+ hours (5+ days) or more to complete 1 moon lamp, with only a 20% success rate

So, in order to succeed in 1 time, your picture will be cut a large part

A brief summary of the reasons:

  1. The size of the chosen moonlight is too small.
  2. The picture is too big or a vertical picture.
  3. Poor supplier skills

How to avoid it?

  • Choose the suitable size of moonlight
  • Select the suitable image (landscape image recommended)
  • Choose a good supplier

Bad 3. The picture on the moon lamp is much smaller than I expected

(Smaller than an apple)

From the BAD2 above we know that there are roughly 2 points:

1.  The size of the chosen moonlight is too small.

2. Used the vertical pictures.

The picture on the moon lamp is much smaller than I expected​

In the absence of a control (e.g. phone, hand, etc.) the picture can only be used as a reference.


Because it’s impossible to put a big picture on a small size of moon lamp.

As mentioned above in BID 2, the diameter of the moon lamp limits the height of the picture

For example, 5, 6 inch pictures are small, 7, 8, 9.5 inch pictures are much larger.

Anyway, the big picture of the moonlight is much prettier than the small picture

How to avoid it?

  • Choose the suitable size of moonlight
  • Select the suitable image (landscape image recommended)

Bad 4. The engraved picture is too blurry, too rough, too ugly

The clarity of the picture is most important for custom moon lights.

If the picture on your upload is not clear, or is old (like a picture of a loved one who has passed away, no clear picture). Do to the moon lamp would also be blurry and unclear.


Besides, the ability of the supplier is very important

  1. if it’s a poor supplier, it will also take your clear picture and make a blurry, rough picture effect

  2. using substandard, poor 3D printing materials, resulting in blurry images

How to avoid it?

  • Upload a clear picture
  • Discarding poor suppliers

Bad 5. The texture of the moon lamp is unclear

(doesn't look like the moon)

What you want is a moon, a real moon, not a fake ball.

So, the good texture is the most important thing, otherwise, it’s a waste of money.


This one is the same as the Bad 4 above.

Ditch the poor supplier and find a professional to make your custom moon lamp


In addition to the 5 common BAD above, there may be many other similar issues.

To avoid you receiving a pretty custom moon lamp, not a BID moonlight.

Note the following:

  • Upload images with high clarity (landscape is better)

  • Choose the suitable size of moon lamp

    The bigger the size, the better the effect.

  • Choose a professional supplier

    Never go to a poor supplier for a cheap price.

If you want to learn more about how to get a good custom moonlight, refer to this article

Photo Moon Lamp Guidelines 2019 [Read before ordering]

Finally, here I recommend lunarlamps.

LUNARLAMPS is specialized in making custom moon lights. It’s been more than 5 years of experience.

You can avoid the BID problems caused by the unprofessionalism above.

Thank you for reading.

If you have any questions, or also have problems similar to the above, please leave a comment to discuss