A brief introduction to the moon lamp and how to use it

As the name implies, the moon lamp is a lamp that looks like the moon.

Some people call it night light.

It is made by 3D printing.

A good moon lamp using 100-micron extreme accuracy.

It requires 1500+ minutes of printing and 1400+ layers of overlays.

moon lamp touch and USB charing point
You can control it with a touch switch.
Use the special cable with a USB port to charge it.

Appearance of the moon lamp

The moon lamp has 4 different appearance colors, when it is turned on, off, and charging.

(Note:The actual lights look better than the pictures/videos in this article)

1. Milky white when the light is OFF

The moon lamp is an opalescent sphere in its OFF state.

It is clean and concise.

2. Cool white and warm yellow when the light is ON

Let’s take a look at what the moon lamp looks like during the day and night.

  • Turn on the moonlight during the day
  • The moon light has 2 colors: cool white and warm yellow

    When you touch the switch on the bottom you’ll first see the cool white. And your eyes will be drawn to it.

    When you touch the switch again, it turns warm yellow.

    moon lamp Cool white and warm yellow DAY AND NIGHT
    photo from video by iPhone on June 14, 2020

    Video show

  • Turn on the moonlight at night
  • The moon at night is much more realistic than during the day.
    moon lamp front & back side switch color on night
    photo from video by iPhone on June 14, 2020

    The moonlight at night is really charming.

    Unfortunately, the phone can’t take effect.

    The actual real moon is so much better than a picture or video of it.


    3. Blue when the light is on charging

    When you are charging, the blue charging indicator lights up.

    moon lamp charging the blue charging indicator lights up

    You can also use the moonlight while it’s charging.

    You can switch colors and adjust brightness.

    Moon Size

    7 sizes to choose from, there is always one that will suit you.

    Sizes Unit Contents
    3.5 inch
    Only text
    4.0 inch
    Only text
    5.0 inch
    6.0 inch
    7.0 inch
    8.0 inch
    9.5 inch

    Sizes (inch):3.5′, 4.0′, 5.0′, 6.0′, 7.0′, 8.0′, 9.5′ inch.

    If yours is a custom moon light, the size is important.

    XXS 3.5 - XS 4.0 inch size moon lamp
    S 5.0 - M 6.0 inch size moon lamp
    L 7.0 - XL 8.0 inch size moon lamp


    1. Stand

    Stands are available with ceramic or wooden stand.

    Style Sizes (inch) Image
    3.5, 4.0, 5.0 inch

    moon lamp ceramic stand

    Wooden Stand
    4.0, 5.0, 6.0, 7.0, 8.0, 9.5 inch

    moon lamps wooden hands

    2. Charging cable

    Standard USB charging port for Charger, PC, Mobile Devices
    moon lamp charing cable

    3. Moon lamp manual

    4. Greeting cards

    Write what’s on your mind on a card and give it to her with the moon lamp.

    moon lamp Greeting cards

    How to use

    1. How to switch colors and adjust the brightness

    You can switch colors with just a touch.

    Touch the metal button at the lamp bottom to switch the color between cool white and warm yellow.

    Long press the metal button at the lamp bottom to adjust the light Brighten or Darken when the moon lamp is lighting.

    2. How to charge

    Charging the moonlight is very easy.

    moon lamp usb charing cable

    1. Plug the charging cord into the power outlet USB port

    2. Plug the other end of the USB cord into the moon lamp charging port

    If you see the blue light come on, it’s on charging.

    About how to charge, here is a detailed article (step by step) with video