How To Set Up Moon Lamp Stand

There are 2 types of moon lamp stands, ceramic and wooden.

  • Ceramic hand-stand
    Super easy, only takes 5 seconds to put right on!
  • Wooden stand
    Also very simple to assemble, takes about 30 seconds to put together

Where's my stand?

The hand is at the bottom of the box when you receive it.

1. The ceramic hand is big and you can find it very easy.

2. The wood stand is small. It made up of 3 small logs.

It hides under the wood grass at the bottom of the box. You may have to look hard to find it.

Especially if yours is a moon lamp size 5.9 inch or smaller. when you open the package and your eyes will draw to the white moon lamp, it’s even harder to notice it!

How to set up(Within 30 seconds)

Ceramic hand-stand, no need to assembling, put the stand on top of the table and put the moon lamp on it.

Let ’s focus on the wood hand.

Step 1. Unhook the rubber band and put 3 pieces of wood on the table.


Step 2. Find a raised part of the wood and a hole in the other part of the wood.

Step 3. Insert the raised end of the wood into the recess of the other wood.

Step 4. Repeat step 3 until put the 3 logs are together.

Step 5. Done, put the moon lamp on the stand.


You’re doing very well, enjoy your time with the moon.