Pendant Moon Lamp

Unique Home Decor Ideas

Bring moon home and let the full moon stay with you & your family every day!

Pendant Moon Lamp at bedroom

You can put pendant moon lamp in your living room, study, hallway, etc. very comfortable and beautiful.

Moon lamp lines are soft and comfortable for the eyes.

Pendant Moon Lamp for study
If you want to enhance the romantic feel of your bedroom, a photo with a nice vibe and a Pendant Moon Lamp will look especially warm.
It also helps to eliminate your daily fatigue.
home decoration with Pendant Moon Lamp

This moon lamp is simple and generous, and will brighten up your living space!

Pictures from customers
Pendant- Moon Lamp customer show

Product Details

Pendant Moon Lamp is a 1:1 true-to-life replication of the moon’s texture.
The moon textures from NASA moon data.
And created using the latest 3D printing technology.

  • Product Material: food grade biodegradable PLA
  • Light Source Category: LED
  • Voltage: 111V~240V
  • size: 8, 10, 12, 14, 18 inch
  • Light area:  about 86 – 220 square foot
Pendant Moon Lamp sizes
Pendant Moon Lamp Sizes

Turn on the lights to present a full moon phase.

Light off in embossed state with a concave surface

Pendant Moon Lamp turn on and turn off effect

Installation Joint Details

Pendant Moon cap & sucker

Brass Pendant Moon Lamp

Pendant Moon Lamp

Special aesthetic design.

Any room in the family can be paired.

Pendant LAMP in bedroom

A beautiful brass pendant moon lamp​ can bring a different mood to the bedroom. and become the focus of attention.

bedroom Pendant moon lamp

Brass pendant moon lamp in the living room.


Product Structure

Pendant moon lamp structure